Meet Our Dosimetry Leadership Team

Diana Freeman - Chief Dosimetrist


Diana – Medical Dosimetrist, CMD

Located in central Illinois, Diana graduated as a Radiation Therapist in 1987 from Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri. She became a dosimetrist through on the job training and is fully certified having over 30 years of experience in the field. She is an exceptional planner creating 3D, ECOMP, IMRT, VMAT and more used in conventional fraction as well as SBRT and SRS. She is experienced at image fusion and contouring in Velocity. She is most comfortable with eclipse planning system and has advanced training with Aria electronic medical records. She has experience as an ARIA system administrator and can aid any site in transitioning from paper to a fully electronic medical record system, generating documents, creating encounters and care path designs for any process. Her hobbies outside of work are shopping and playing with her two goldendoodles, Wrigley and Phoebe.

Annabelle Jankowiak - Medical Dosimetrist, CMD


Annabelle – Medical Dosimetrist, CMD

Annabelle is a medical dosimetrist located in the Chicago area. She has years of experience treating patients and generating treatment plans. Beginning in 1977 as a therapist and moving into dosimetry in 1993, she has the unique experience of seeing and understanding the transitioning of treatment techniques through the years. Currently using Eclipse since 2005 to generate excellent 3D, IMRT, and VMAT plans she is an experienced user of Mosaiq electronic medical record system. She also is an expert prostate implant planner using Variseed for prostate LDR.



Josh – Medical Dosimetrist, CMD

Josh is a medical dosimetrist located in Tennessee. He was an experienced radiation therapist for 6 years before doing on the job training for medical dosimetry. He has extensive experience with Eclipse and Variseed planning systems including 3D, IMRT, VMAT, SBRT and prostate LDR. With over 12 years in the field he has seen and experienced almost any situation and found a solution for it. Josh enjoys family time, boating and hunting.



Tony – Chief Medical Physicist, DABR

Tony is our Chief Medical Physicist in central Illinois. He has been a medical physicist for almost 10 years and has a variety of experiences implementing new process and treatment techniques. This includes everything from weekly chart checks to fulling commissioning a stereotactic linear accelerator and radiosurgery program. Serving as the quality coordinator along with six sigma training makes root cause analysis and project management something he is very comfortable with. He has led program reviews in order to update and maintain policies and procedures for accreditation renewal. He works closely with administration and physicians to ensure equipment and technology purchased for a department will actually provide the needed services and information you expect. In his spare time he enjoys hiking, camping and occasionally some amateur astronomy with his family.