Medical Dosimetry

Remote & Locum Services Available


Too often you schedule your vacation and about the time you plan on leaving, the work is piling in. You feel guilty about leaving your partner to cover the extra work load and then don’t fully allow yourself to relax and recharge while you are on vacation. Our remote services provide coverage on the per-plan basis or by the day. Have an emergency patient who has a more complicated plan than you thought and you need some extra help, our OPS team is up to the task. Dosimetry called in sick? No problem. With our coverage agreements you can call us in at the last minute and we will have a qualified dosimetrist help you make sure your patients are treated on time.


Need longer term coverage, or your physician insists on having a person present in the department? We have staff that can be flown in to be present in your center and still have the full backing of our OPS team at their disposal.

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By having our services at your disposal, we can advise your sim techs on the necessary positioning needed to produce the most reliable treatment setup and treatment plan development. Even though you may only be contracting our dosimetry services, our medical physicists are always on standby to assist for complex cases. Our dosimetrists are always able to reach one of our many physicists when the need arises.